Jumat, 05 September 2008

Slot Machine Tips

Ever since winning RM600 at the slot machines in Genting, I've been intrigued by how they work. Is there a way to beat the system? With that thought, I decided to do some research on slot machines and see if I could beat the machines at their own game. Yeah, yeah, I am always looking for ways to beat the system.

After an hour's crash course, I am now in a position to advise on how to increase your chances of winning at the slot machines (gasp!).

1. Money management - Don't play with money you can't afford to lose. Set a loss limit before you enter a casino. Discipline yourself and stop playing once you've reached that pre-determined limit.

2. Know the payout table - Read the pay table on the machine first. Choose a machine that offers the most winnings for the lower and medium symbol combos, because these are the ones you will be hitting most often, which consequently will keep you playing longer. Do not play a slot machine simply it has a high maximum payout because your chances of winning the maximum payout are a lot lower than winning smaller payouts.

3. Hit and run - The longer you stay at any slot machine, the greater the odds against you. The casino’s built-in mathematical advantage takes effect, which is, the longer a gambler plays, the more likely the house will win. So, do not be greedy. Quit when you're ahead.

Now you're ready to have fun! Did you guys seriously think there is a way to beat the slot machines??!! Lol... :-)

Rabu, 03 September 2008

Up In The Clouds and RM600 Richer

Up In The Clouds and RM600 Richer

 It's been three days since I last posted here. I've been real busy......resting and relaxing....haha, what did you expect??

The past weekend was significant not only for Malaysia but for me and my hubby. While Malaysia celebrated its 51st birthday on 31st August 2008, my hubby celebrated his birthday and our anniversary on 2nd September.

Usually, we would take a 3 days 2 nights trip to the beach where we could sunbathe and watch the sunset, like this......

 But this year, a friend took us to Genting. He is a Genting Silver Card member which gives him access into the International Room, where the stakes are higher. Since we've never been inside the International Room where all the 'movers and shakers' are, we accepted his invitation to be his guests.

There, in the International Room, we decided to play the slot machines instead of sitting at the tables where everyone was betting a few thousand ringgit per bet (we are risk averse). We were prepared to lose only RM50 at the slot machines as 'entertainment fee'. Imagine our surprise when we won a total of RM600 for just sitting around and punching buttons.

And our friend walked away RM800 richer, too. He was so delighted he bought us supper that night. Hmmm.....not a bad way to spend our anniversary. Thanks, TC, for taking us there and giving us a great time!

Salmon and Milk Drops Treats

Salmon and Milk Drops Treats 

I bought a couple of cat treats, Angel's salmon and Milk Drops, for King Blackie, my master, at the Merdeka Cat Show for RM7 and RM5 respectively. I haven't opened the Milk Drops yet, but Blackie loved the salmon treats and has whalloped all of them.