Rabu, 06 Agustus 2008

Book Review: The Simple Truth by David Baldacci


David Baldacci is one of my favourite authors, besides Michael Crichton and Stephen King. I've devoured all their books. So, I've decided that off and on, I shall share some of these books that I've enjoyed so much with you, my friends.

Today, I'll like to share about The Simple Truth by David Baldacci. I bought it at one of the MPH Book Fairs at a fraction of its retail price.

The story is about John Fiske, a former cop turned attorney whose investigation into the death of his estranged brother led him into the murky grounds of corruption in the powers that be.

Michael Fiske was a lawyer, and worked in the Supreme Court in Washington DC, the highest court in America. He had stolen a prison letter from Rufus Harm, a death row inmate, and sealed his own fate. Now John has to find out what his brother's death has to do with a crime that Rufus Harm committed twenty-five years before.

The story flows smoothly enough, with all the usual actions taking place, plot twists and what not. To read a synopsis and review of this book, do visit Amazon.com.

Senin, 04 Agustus 2008

How to enjoy your lunch in peace

I've come to the conclusion that Malaysians make the best sales people in the world. These people are a very hardworking race, incredibly persistent and do not take "no" for an answer. Neither do they understand a vigorous shake of the head. It's simply not in their vocabulary.

If you are like me, an ordinary housewife without much spending money (hint, hint, hubby), there are many places you can go to for a cheap lunch that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Unfortunately, you are also exposing yourself as a potential target to all those tradesmen (door to door salesmen, or in this case, table to table salesmen) who push their products under your nose, or, in between the strands of your noodles if you happen to be slurping away.

A quick way to get rid of them is to continuously move your head from left to right, making sure the noodles hanging out of your mouth does a thorough sweep of the lottery ticket or fake Rolex watch. They would immediately snatch their product out of harm's way and move on to the next table.

Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008

Blackie007 is coming to your cinema in Nov 2008

If you are wondering what that movie is, and if it's a movie about Blackie, you are not alone. That was the reaction I got from my cousin when I emailed her the news. (Sorry, cuz, this is too good to pass.) :)

Now, if any of you had looked at my profile, and complete profile, you would know immediately what I'm talking about.

Anyway, yesterday, my hubby and I went to check out the new mall in Kepong, Brem Mall. There is an independent cineplex there, with 6 cinemas. Yes, that's right, independent. It does not belong to TGV or GSC.

It was in this cineplex that I saw a large black and white poster. On the white background, there are only two items in black. One is the picture of a shadow of a man with a pistol in his right hand, and next to it are the numbers 007. And beneath this poster are the words, "Coming in November".

Yes, sexy Daniel Craig, the usurper of my place in Her Majesty's Secret Service is coming to your nearest cinema in November 2008. Watch out for him, ladies and gentlemen.