Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008

Blackie007 is coming to your cinema in Nov 2008

If you are wondering what that movie is, and if it's a movie about Blackie, you are not alone. That was the reaction I got from my cousin when I emailed her the news. (Sorry, cuz, this is too good to pass.) :)

Now, if any of you had looked at my profile, and complete profile, you would know immediately what I'm talking about.

Anyway, yesterday, my hubby and I went to check out the new mall in Kepong, Brem Mall. There is an independent cineplex there, with 6 cinemas. Yes, that's right, independent. It does not belong to TGV or GSC.

It was in this cineplex that I saw a large black and white poster. On the white background, there are only two items in black. One is the picture of a shadow of a man with a pistol in his right hand, and next to it are the numbers 007. And beneath this poster are the words, "Coming in November".

Yes, sexy Daniel Craig, the usurper of my place in Her Majesty's Secret Service is coming to your nearest cinema in November 2008. Watch out for him, ladies and gentlemen.

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